At the Riviera Multispeciality Dental Practice, we have strictly adhered to the guidelines set up by the Swiss Dental Society (SSO), setting the coefficient value of dental fees (point dentaire) to 3.3

The SSO itemises approximately 500 actions which can be performed.  Each professional action is coded by a number of points which reflects the difficulty and the length of time taken by the dental specialist to perform each step. By simply multiplying the number of points by the dental coefficient value you will arrive at a cost valuation of the action taken.

However, we would like to stress the fact that dental coefficients only give a general indication of what the treatment might cost. In fact the final amount invoiced depends not only on the dental surgeon’s competence to ascertain the appropriate treatment plan needed, but is also governed by other factors. The number of points attributed to an action may be increased for various reasons; laboratory charges and the cost of materials used can also affect the final amount.. So an estimate calculated on a dental coefficient of 3.10 might prove more costly than an estimate for a similar treatment set at a dental coefficient of 4.00.

At our Practice we very much want to maintain the trust of our patients by applying fair and transparent fees. Also, dental expanses can be paid in instalments over an agreed time period.

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